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Automobile Giant Audi Includes Augmented Reality in Its Logistics Strategies

German automobile maker Audi has included augmented reality in its complex logistics strategies. Advanced augmented reality facilitates virtual presentation, where planners will use three-dimensional holograms to evaluate a situation in a better way.

A new logistic structure

The inclusion of augmented reality will abolish the practice of representing the prototype of containers or any other equipment. The automaker uses Microsoft’s advanced HoloLens 2 as a device for augmented reality. The company has incorporated the LayAR system to help planners and designers to form a new logistics structure.

The software extracts and utilizes CAD data for different objects like containers, parts, etc. The LayAR system helps users to visualize objects in the form of a 3D hologram in the augmented reality devices and project the hologram in the real environment.

When talking about the latest inclusion in their logistics planning, the company’s board of management member for production and logistics, Peter Kossler said that they are using advanced digital technologies systematically in the company’s production houses, where planners are using advanced tools to get true Vorsprung.

According to Mr. Kossler, the company has decided to make these advanced AR devices an important part of Audi’s logistics planner’s equipment box. With new AR tools, the job of the planners and associates has become easier. 

Even more ways to use AR

Now, experts at the company’s Ingolstadt facility, are planning to develop machine technology for the driverless transport system.

The company will also use LayAR to facilitate the planning, designing, and production of Audi’s electric vehicles. Project Manager Tobias Brigl said that they have been using prototypes of containers and other equipment. The inclusion of augmented reality will make many things easy. 

He added that this advanced AR system can minimize the gap between the actual and virtual world. The project manager also said that the new AR system also helps to detect problems early and deliver solutions quickly.

With the help of this advanced technology, the same images can be shared among multiple users that can make important discussions easier. Technology can simplify teamwork. The new AR technology can also help specialists to join meetings from home and become a part of important discussions. Likewise, experts from other facilities can also join a meeting or group discussion. Hence, it does not matter where the plants or facilities are, experts will be able to work together through augmented reality.

New projects

A team from the company’s Supply Chain Planning project is working with Viscopic on new software. The team has tested the software during planning workshops. The innovative LayAR has made it possible for the planner to create a miniature of the entire set up virtually and projected the 3D hologram onto a desk. During the experiment, experts used a virtual tool to measure the distances and area and represent them with 3D holographic images.      

The Garman automaker has also decided to use mixed reality in other departments. Audi Product Communication has been using another advanced digital tool for many years. It is known as Virtual Exhibits. The tool helps planners to visualize complex technologies and other technical processes.

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