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Augmented Reality will finally turn to “cool” from unsexy in 2019

In today’s scenario, Augmented Reality is still lame. AR is showing its beneficial side on the sectors like, field service, but it is not adopted well. Whereas, on the side of consumers, AR is more or less like the face swaps and low-quality marketing by the marketing team, who are forced to think that they missed the mixed reality wave.

It is true that AR has a huge capability to alter the way we communicate and understand our world. To know where AR is heading the next year, greater insight is provided by Scott Montgomerie, Scope AR’s CEO and co-founder. He talks about the major three areas in which we can expect a leap.


Improved hardware

A big obstacle prevails in AR right now. According to Montgomerie, many firms are adopting to AR headsets and glasses, but they are costly and fragile. Due to this, users hesitate to carry these in dangerous environments like, an oil rig or a construction base, as it could be easily damaged. This is what should change in 2019. It is expected that Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 will be released, infusing durability to the most favoured headsets.


Advancement in AR cloud for a fresh level of collaboration

Being a digital copy of the world, AR cloud is accessible to every individual, and it is highly vital. The question is how vital is it going to be. As per the CEO Ori Inbar and founder of Augmented World Expo, AR Cloud is a crucial software used in computing infrastructure, and this is far precious than Google’s pagerank index or Facebook’s social graph.

When an available digital copy is complete, you can get a lot of information just by training an AR device. Montgomerie stated that AR Cloud’s progress will open a fresh bunch of use cases and allow employees to interact in a unique manner, which is more accurate and location-specific. Many firms who are working on the development of AR Cloud have come out of their inactive mode. As it is accessible to everyone, it encourages multiplayer experiences. For instance, two men working on an oil rig can reach out to technical data.


Release of first practical application for consumer

2017’s second half witnessed the debut of Google’s ARCore and Apple’s ARKit. The time shows that the developers had got ample time to generate meaningful apps for consumers. After the launch of Apple App store, it took a year and a half for the developers to learn how to get their grip on touchscreen. A new way of approach is required for the development of AR app. It requires a new style of communication, similarly like the transition from mouse-and-keyboard to touch. Thankfully, Montgomerie feels that developer and users are becoming smooth in these modern styles of technology interaction. It appears that AR mobile is following the same trend as mobile apps in terms of growth. If this happens to be true, you can expect that AR will move ahead of cheap promotions and face swaps in the next year.



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