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Augmented reality to raise excitement levels of Melbourne sightseeing

Based on a report, sightseeing experiences in Melbourne are set to undergo a sea change, owing to a brand new creative development. A new project combining elements such as augmented reality (AR), game design technology and public art, is being brought to life. It will be catered through a free mobile application with convenient guide features.

Martin Foley, Minister for Creative Industries, recently made an announcement regarding the Victoria Government’s intended move to provide funding of A$ 950,000 for the 64 Ways of Being app. The free app can be used as a guide for CBD and nearby surrounding areas.

The application will attempt to highlight Victoria as the creative state of the country, as it keeps surpassing innovative barriers related to performance, technology and experience. Users of the application will be able to witness designed licensed artwork appear on their phone screens. Notable art pieces will include street art, several augmented reality features, live theatre content, which all work in a similar vein to Pokemon Go. This development will help to combine art, music, game tech and theatre in an interesting manner, to transform Melbourne into a digital gaming arena.

The mobile application will encourage individuals of all ages to aggregate experiences and join up with others, on an intriguing journey that highlights different facets of the city. The objective behind the game app is to help everyone get vivid exploration experiences. The project, which is set to launch in 2020, will offer the ability to add locations and latest artworks in the near future, in addition to international cities. The 64 Ways of Being application is the 3rd subsequent project supported by the Andrews Labor Government’s Creative State Commissions scheme.

The program is set to support exciting and innovative projects, will work to enhance tourism within the state, and offer a great number of benefits. It was selected by an expert panel from among nine other projects, along with the Bagurrk First Peoples theatre project. 64 Ways of Being is a result of collaborative efforts of Dr. Troy, a Victoria-based educator, coder and artists, and the Millipede games studio. They are joined by a performance group called ‘one step at a time like this’.

Creative projects like 64 Ways of Being are being seen as economically beneficial, as new visitors can be drawn to the state, leading to greater business potential and jobs. Based on reports, gamified cities help in connecting locations and people in creative manners. They can make urban environments even more accessible and give citizens newer opportunities to experience smart cities.

Dr. Innocent holds the position of Senior Lecturer in Games and Interactivity, at the Swinburne University of Technology. He expressed his interest in games with uncommon settings and locations across disciplines, for the purpose of intriguing people and getting them to open up to newer immersive experiences.





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