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Augmented Reality Offers the Next Generation of Fan Engagement Experiences

The next step forward for the sports tech industry is on its way. Be it performance tracking solutions or eSports, the sports technology industry is having a steady and strong growth. Owing to the advancements in technology and the love of millions of sports enthusiasts across the world, the engagement of fans with AR is one of the most up-and-coming segments in the sports tech industry. Thanks to Active and Shared AR, new interesting applications are created.

In case of engagement of fans, immersive technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality display immense promise. Whilst sports enthusiasts can teleport themselves to a game’s sideline with the help of VR, fans can scan items and bring them to the world of reality with the help of AR. With fans trying to get closer to the action, the sports world is witnessing a progression in the applications of AR technology.

A live broadcast of a golf tournament in augmented reality. Image credit: Imago

Shared AR Technology is Exciting

Tom Minich and Tim Friedland, co-founders of ForwardGameAR, which is an augmented reality start-up emphasising on creating physical and outdoor activities gamification solutions, offer a deeper insight into fan engaging applications of AR in the sports world and also about what is coming up next for sports and AR.

Some Exciting Developments Seen with AR Games Recently

The co-founders said that the most interesting advancements arrive with Shared AR technology. This lets several users have a virtual object positioned in the real-world in the same place, staying in the same position on each connected device.

The co-founders remarked that ever since they graduated from the leAD Sports Accelerator in 2017, they have emphasised on team sports fan engagement and mobile gaming innovation. They had developed some interesting applications with top sports clubs in Germany, and in 2018, the co-founders launched some of the earlier applications. They plan to launch their first Multiplayer Active AR in house game in March 2019. This new discovery will put a focus on making use of Shared AR technology.

Most of the people understand what AR is, but Minich and Friedland were asked to explain what they meant by Active AR and the difference between AR and Active AR.

They responded that AR applications that permit users to actively interact with virtual items put in the real world are called active augmented reality. They came up with the term Active AR after they had the vision to make people active by utilising the most modern technology. The main difference between Active AR and “classic” AR is the mixed reality experience. This is when virtual items turn into a part of the actual world, with the help of a device, such as a tablet or a mobile phone and lets users interact with the items by utilising physical means, like touching and running.

They believe that AR can provide fans with a wonderful experience in enjoying sports.

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