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Augmented Reality Mural is Being Used to Promote the Release of a Rap Album

Gate Reality, an augmented reality/ virtual reality production house created an experience with the help of AR Image tracking. A wall in the arty area of Shoreditch, London has become the target for augmented reality (AR) object mapping.

An AR mural has been revealed to promote the release of a British rap album in Shoreditch, London. People can download an app through a QR code on the wall, using which they can point their mobile device at the barrier and see the manifestation of a hand-painted mural that is a scene based on the album BIG BAD by the rapper Giggs.

The augmented reality mural is the work of Gate Reality, which is an AR/VR production house and the experiential ad agency Allover, concentrated on handmade artisan OOH. Owned by Universal Music Group, Island Records is a British record label, which appointed them. The record label works with artists like Giggs, Ariana Grande, Dizzee Rascal and Mumford & Sons.

Augmented reality image tracking is used to make the experience work. With the app being programmed to identify the wall as a certain target, the wall triggers the experience and maps the augmented materials to a particular real-life environment. Giggs’ green screen footage from the album launch video was used by Gate Reality to bring his giant form to life including 3D models of tanks and helicopters. Both the footage and mural were developed and engineered to make Giggs appear as though he is present and moving in the scene.

The urban division manager at Island Records, Akosua Scantlebury said that an album like BIG BAD is of gigantic aspiration and is probably the finest achievement of Giggs. Fans were introduced to the album via an energetic cinematic trailer and it established the flow for the entire campaign. She also said that the record label really wanted to club that inspiration with an interactive visual that has the capacity to stop people and get all the attention, and their team-up with Allover and Gate reality has made them achieve the same.

Director and co-founder of Gate Reality, Ed Morris said that Giggs has become really popular as one of the most crucial and energetic artists around. With two of his former albums reaching #2 spot on the UK album charts, and his collaboration with artists like Mark Ronson, Ed Sheeran and Drake; Gate Reality is happy to be a part of this project. Since BIG BAD is an album with stunning visuals, the AR mural is the most appropriate method Giggs can use to engross his entire fanbase. Morris added that they can deliver a platform to their clients and brands which can tell more shareable and engaging stories across digital and physical mediums. This will raise the prospective reach of localised out-of-home advertisement. He also said that they are looking ahead to use the site to turn several other brands to reality with the use of this enthralling and effective medium.

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