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Augmented reality makes a splash at Toyota vehicle showrooms

Toyota GB, the automotive products manufacturer, is utilising contemporary consumer technology currently. The brand recently started using augmented reality (AR) in its UK showrooms.

The car manufacturer has partnered with a digital service provider Brandwidth, to plan a revolutionary iPad application that enables prospective car buyers to look inside its C-HR vehicle model. The app can be used with all colours and grades of the C-HR.

Image credit: Toyota; Brandwidth

Known as Toyota Hybrid AR, the application also makes use of cutting edge objective recognition software, for the purpose of overlaying graphical representations of the inner components of the Hybrid drivetrain. A drivetrain consists of the mechanics utilised for transferring power to a hybrid’s driving wheels. This feature aims to help the carmaker’s customers in gaining a clearer understanding of how the system operates.

The technology is set to be used at various shopping centres and trade shows across the UK. It was introduced as part of a continuous drive by Toyota GB to make things clearer for the customers. Potential buyers can watch the exact way hybrid technology actually functions within the company’s vehicles.

The application lets customers take a look at the various drive states of the car. The relationship between each important drivetrain component is highlighted effectively by the feature. Users can tap on the drive state options, such as ‘heavy acceleration’ and ‘deceleration’, to effectively observe which sections of the drivetrain are active at any given time, and also the transfer of energy.

Customers who use the application can also access various ‘hotspot’ features within it. When the hotspots are clicked on, they exhibit detailed information regarding key system components, such as the battery, motor, and fuel tank.

Stephen Duval, working for Toyota Centre Marketing Services, and also a Toyota direct marketing manager, remarked regarding the application. He stated that the augmented reality experience, created in association with Brandwidth, effectively brings the Toyota C-HR hybrid drivetrain to life. It is simplistic but very engaging for customers.

Toyota was making a revolutionary move in the domain of augmented reality for improving Toyota’s showroom customer experience. – Chris Wicks, Brandwidth group account director

The Toyota AR application comes at a significant time when many other car manufacturing brands are also aiming to make great progress in the UK retail sector. Car brands have launched retail locations and showrooms within shopping centres in the last couple of years. Some of the examples are Hyundai’s Bluewater location and the Lakeside venue of Mitsubishi Motors.
The revolutionary automotive retail locations within the UK are mostly inclined towards focussing on the use of advanced technology, including digital signage and touchscreen kiosks. All these features create immersive experiences for the customers.

Customers who visit the shopping centres, Toyota showrooms and trade shows will be able to utilise the application to entertain their curiosities. This latest development is being regarded as an innovative technology instance for the automotive industry at large. The ability to look inside a vehicle’s inner workings can be quite appealing.

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