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Augmented Reality Display Swim Goggles Announced by FORM

FORM Swim Goggles which will facilitate better swim training across levels set for August 7 release and comes with a $199 USD price tag

Sports tech brand FORM has recently made an announcement regarding its latest offering, the FORM Swim Goggles. It is a premium pair of swimming goggles featuring a see-through type AR display capable of delivering real-time performance statistics to users. It has been under development for four years, and the assistance of several competitive swimmers, swimming coaches and Olympians were used during the development phase. The glasses make swimming training a more engaging, goal-oriented and smarter process across different levels.


Swimming is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports activities today, but it has lacked the technological innovation in the aspect of real-time performance metrics. Land-based sports activities have had a lot of development as far as wearables go. So far, the available wearables for swimmers do not offer much convenience, and their functionality comes at the price of reduced performance. Real-time access to metrics has also been another problem. The FORM Swim Goggles aim to solve these issues with its set of features.

Form delivers swim metrics in real time. Image Credit: Form

Dan Eisenhardt, CEO and founder of FORM, revealed that in his 14-year competitive swimming career, he has felt the lack of real-time performance metrics accessibility constantly. He spoke regarding FORM, stating that whilst the development concept existed for many years.

Elaborating on the development, he said that the technology to make real-time metrics available in a pair of glasses did not exist before. With the efforts of his team and several key industry professionals, the brand has been able to address the issues faced by swimmers.

The FORM Swim Goggles have a combination of three different components, which are its AR display, a miniature on-board computer, and the design architecture of premium swim goggles. The AR display offers a fully unrestricted, see-through experience to users, whilst the on-board computer with a sleek form factor gives about 16 hours of battery life. The computer utilises AI to exhibit metrics information like distance, split times, stroke count and stroke rate.

The pair of goggles are constructed through high-quality materials, and have a design that is durable, fits well and complies to hydrodynamics. They give the feel of any regular pair of goggles to swimmers wearing them.

Image Credit: FORM

The FORM Swim App, an application accompanying the FORM Swim Goggles, is being launched for Android and iPhone platforms. It is set to offer features for coaches and swimmers to access, share and review recordings made with the FORM Swim Goggles. It enables in tracking progress over time, and helps swimmers customise the metrics displayed within the goggles.

Scott Dickens, Director of Strategic Partnerships, FORM, expressed that metrics are quite important in competitive swimming, as times are measured down to one-hundredth of a single second. Hence, the technology is being considered as revolutionary in the arena of swimming.

The AR goggles can make a significant impact in helping swimmers perform at their best.

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