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Augmented Reality Digital Dressing Room Feature for SMEs Rolling Out

A new augmented reality-based dressing room feature, being utilised by a handful of brands presently, is set to become a mainstay of online shopping.

NexTech AR Solutions, a Toronto company operating in the ecommerce augmented reality innovation space, is in the process of launching a trial feature for enhancing digital storefronts. The feature makes use of a customer’s desktop or mobile device for trying on jewelry, eyewear and, other fashion items digitally. Customers can use this feature to discover different style variations and check item fitting.

Source; Alibaba Group

This development, however, is not the earliest instance of augmented reality (AR) try-on type technology. Warby Parker, a prominent eyewear brand, launched its own application-inclusive try-on feature a while back. Cosmetics brand Sephora has also released its Virtual Artist 3D feature, to facilitate customers to try makeup products live. Global ecommerce giant Amazon’s AR View application and the Place application from furniture brand IKEA also offer AR features.

Nextech is coming up with a more interesting feature that aims to upgrade the current state of branded applications. It is an additive technology meant to integrate seamlessly with leading ecommerce storefronts, with the purpose of boosting customer engagement and assurance. This latest augmented reality feature is web-based offering from the NexTech stable. The brand hopes to bring in smaller-scale ecommerce retailers into the sphere of AR technology innovation.

Advanced immersive technology forms such as augmented reality should be available to more than just large and wealthy brands. The numerous small and medium-sized retail businesses out there can also benefit immensely from the use of augmented reality.- Evan Gappelberg, CEO NexTech

Gappelberg stated that smaller brands do not have nearly enough financial resources or technical knowledge to invest in in-house technology development. Such technologies can bring about considerable sales improvements for small-scale retailers.

A survey conducted by Digital Bridge recently unveiled that up to 74 percent of customers were expectant of augmented reality becoming an integral part of their online shopping experiences. The impact of this technology form can be hugely transformative for a dynamic sector like ecommerce. Augmented reality developments for this sector were highly anticipated for a long time.

Although the NexTech application has various advanced functionalities, it is far from being a full-fledged finished product. One can find a rendered pair of aviator sunglasses in an online demonstration of the feature, which needs to be perfected for better angled views.

Based on what NexTech has revealed, the application utilises eye tracking and face tracking technology for real-time glass and goggles, to facilitate realistic experiences. The technology, which is still under development, might evolve to include more variations with support for ears, lips and mouths.

The augmented reality experience can be utilised within social advertisements and banners, to create a personalised advertising experience for bringing in casual viewers.

NexTech is making significant waves in the augmented reality space with its latest technology, but its peers are not too far behind.

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