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Augmented Reality Aids in Accelerating Cannabusiness Growth

NexTech AR Solutions Inc. has developed an augmented reality application for the Android and Apple platforms, geared towards the needs of cannabusiness entrepreneurs. ARitize, the application, provides cannabis industry business owners, shop owners and growers an innovative platform to distribute information to consumers. The application will inform consumers with facts regarding particular cannabis strains and relevant consumption devices.

ARitize has specific educational channels that are dedicated to cannabis, where consumers get to learn useful facts and information regarding the plant. Consumers can access the Cannabis section within the application to view the information. The methods to access this content are either scanning a QR code or inputting a specifically provided code.

This latest AR development is being hailed as a powerful information dissemination platform for cannabis businesses, shops, cannabis growers, and consumers. It can become a potentially viable tool for aiding individuals in regards to cultivating, packaging and distribution. Some of the details that users can see include 3D imagery of specific cannabis flowers, edible, strains, colour, benefits, the ratio of CBD and THC, and other useful facts to help consumers optimise their experiences.

According to CFN Media Group, learning about and choosing from the multitude of dispensaries can be quite a difficulty. They find it difficult to make decisions regarding trusting different sources. Many cannabis dispensaries are distancing themselves from dealing with strain names in order to make things clearer for consumers.

Aiming to solve the problems faced by the millions of cannabis consumers and industry insiders, ARitize is currently developing a new feature named Buddy the Budtender. Cannabusiness owners can use this latest feature to assist new and experienced consumers to seek information regarding the flowers, vaporiser, and edibles they intend to buy and use. The Budtender feature can also be utilised by master growers, budtenders, ambassadors and any party who has knowledge regarding cannabis to create form an AR hologram on their smartphone screens.

The purpose of the application is to help users enhance their cannabis experience. CFN believes that the application can boost customer engagement, resulting in better short-term sales, and create long-lasting relationships by aiding customers to find the right products to fulfil their recreational and medical needs.

Smartphone Cannabis Ordering To Become More Direct with Augmented Reality

ARitize states that there is a possibility for cannabis product transactions to go through directly through a smartphone in the future. This would help achieve a reality where both consumers and cannabusiness owners will find products to be more accessible. The company is aiming to make mobile cannabis purchases a realistic goal, in line with its vision of growth. Such a move would be aided by many US states trying to uphold recreational and medical cannabis use.

In the domain of augmented reality, brands like Dominos Pizza have made achievements in regards to raising user engagement. Their mobile ordering and interactive AR features let consumers customize their pizzas. Walmart is also making strides in the domain of AR with a high-tech price scanner.

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