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Atlanta art brought to life with AR technology from SpokeHub

SpokeHub, a technology firm from Durham, North Carolina, recently unveiled legendary artwork through the use of augmented reality (AR) technology. The luminaries and crowds gathered at the Millennium Gate Museum in Atlanta, Georgia, were left amazed by the exhibition of art which featured Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Steve Skipper is the artist who partnered up with SpokeHub founders to develop an immersive offering centred around a painting titled The Genius At Work. It is an artwork created by Skipper under the commission of the Bahamian government. The painting contains the depiction of a Bahamian refuge, which is a location which sheltered Dr. King when he was doing some of his groundbreaking work.

The painting first debuted on April 18th in Atlanta, and will be available to everyone across the globe who has access to the SpokeHub application. John McAdory, SpokeHub’s Head of Strategic Partnerships, expressed that the company was enthusiastic to partner with Steve Skipper for enlivening his art with technology.

McAdory further elaborated regarding the collaboration, describing Skipper’s art as picturesque.

With the use of augmented reality-based storytelling, viewers who look at his paintings can gain a better understanding of the meaning of his artwork, via a hologram image. – John McAdory

The painting itself took upwards of a  thousand hours for Steve Skipper to create. Skipper hinted that the experience was significant for him in the perspective of his career as an artist, and that he wanted to make a major difference with it.

The Genius At Work by Skipper

He described his experience of visiting Bimini Island in the Bahamas, and exploring the very mangroves where Dr. King had retreated to, to write the acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize. To Skipper, it was quite a transformative and revitalising experience.

All airports in the Bahamas will have reproduced versions of The Genius At Work as permanent hanging fixtures, as signs of remembrance for Dr. King. Pakesia Parker-Edgecombe, from the Bimini Office of the Prime Minister, remarked regarding the artwork by Skipper. She explained that Skipper had artistically captured the innocent, humble and yet strong side of Dr. King, despite him being a highly popular public figure.

Pakesia described Skipper’s artwork as extraordinary, stating that the painting will be as memorable to Bahamians like the life of Dr. King. She revealed that one reproduction of the paintain is set to be presented to  the British Royal Family’s Prince Charles, signifying the freedom of the Bahamian people from British rule, inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s teachings.

SpokeHub develops technology for social communications and works towards creating private and public societies that are sustainable. The company combines cutting-edge chat technology with augmented reality-based storytelling, to ramp up engagement on topics their community members are interested in.

The platform requires its users to participate in a Hub, which is a construct created for creating and nurturing communities that communicate on certain topics. Users who want to get into a topic more can go into Sub-Hubs. The platform provides various contemporary communication features.

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