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AR version of Catan will release in 2023

The intriguing augmented reality headset developed by Jeri Ellsworth receives widespread recognition.

With more than a million units sold annually and a reputation for being one of the most widely praised board games ever created, Catan is about to jump into 3D space. It is being made possible with the use of a cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) technology-based gaming platform that has gone through more than a decade of development.

A holographic and 3D version of this board game, titled Catan — Tilt Five AR, is set to launch in spring next year. The news was disclosed in a recent announcement by Tilt Five, a tech startup brand established by an erstwhile Valve employee.

According to the game manufacturer, the new AR offering can be enjoyed by players when they’re sitting around a table or playing solo where a user is pitted against some familiar opponents in AI form. They also have the option of competing for online aga players from all over the world. Additionally, users will be able to make use of the Tilt Five Wand to have unique Catan island conversations in innovative ways. Those within the experience can also gaze at the environment and wildlife of the virtual island in vivid three-dimensional holographic form.

The headsets by Tilt Five operate by throwing light onto a retroreflective board that directs back to users. The majority of augmented reality headsets on the market operate differently compared to this one. They are self-contained, arching beams into the eyes of users with lenses, waveguides, and mirrors, to create a smaller view plane. The Tilt Five headsets enable users to participate in three-dimensional board games,  interactive experiences and video games that can jump off flat surfaces and be enjoyed from multiple angles by multiple players. It is an expressive and innovative form of entertainment for users.

Tilt Five is a revamp of CastAR, the company Ellsworth used to own until its closure several years ago. A Kickstarter campaign had helped the newly named company come into existence. Currently, there are a total of 21 games in the library of the company, whilst the headsets are set to ship to preorder buyers in the near future. A gaming system offered by an independent developer can usually come across several difficulties. But the new offering from Tilt Five looks like it’s set for an eventful launch.

Some details have been revealed regarding the pricing of the game system by Tilt Five. According to the available information, the price of a single pair is $359, whilst two of them will retail for $659 and three for a price of $959, including glasses and pointers. As of right now, the game only runs on Windows PCs, with support for Android devices expected at some point in the future.

Asmodee, the publisher of Catan, and Tilt Five announced a partnership a few months back that may result in the addition of other well-known board games to the company’s library.

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