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AR technology from Vuzix becoming popular with doctors

A poll found that over half of doctors and other healthcare professionals think augmented reality (AR) technology improves results.

Vuzix Corporation, a United States-based AR technology supplier, claims that the percentage of healthcare workers employing AR glasses with innovative features is growing.

The potential applications of augmented reality in medical care, especially during surgical procedures and in clinical education settings, are illuminated by the results of a study. It was conducted by an independent company called Censuswide, which surveyed more than 500 medical professionals from all over the United States of America.

About fifty percent of the physicians questioned had experience with instruction using AR devices and acknowledged that they could have advantages beyond more conventional techniques. As many as forty-nine percent of respondents thought that AR glasses might lower difficulties and mortality in surgical facilities brought on by errors made by individuals.

According to the findings of the research, forty-one percent of medical professionals are curious about the use of augmented reality smart glasses, and transplantation specialists have the greatest level of interest in this technology. In a similar vein, approximately one third of neurological surgeons held the same opinion.

In particular, forty-four percent of physicians emphasised the significance of the capability of augmented reality gear to offer the opportunity to view comprehensive data within their field of vision. These types of data include three-dimensional anatomical pictures, simulations, real-time clinical examples, and information about patients.

Forty-one percent of poll respondents expect fewer operating room visits for surgeons. This suggests that it would provide safer conditions for surgeries in general. Just over one-quarter of respondents saw benefits in working with distant medical professionals and travelling for surgery.

Less than a third of respondents acknowledged the potential savings on medical supplies and personnel, but over twenty-five percent agreed that AR smart glasses might greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to prepare for procedures.

Paul Travers, CEO of Vuzix, remarked that as a sector for which its range of goods is appropriate, the company’s team is happy to see US physicians embrace AR smart glasses as an alternative for surgical operations.

GlobalData estimates that the value of the AR industry crossed the $7 billion mark a few years ago. Over thirty-five percent CAGR expansion in the market is forecasted between now and the year 2030. According to the paper, AR has the highest potential for use in operative aid.

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