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AR glasses now enable the deaf to see text during interactions

Deaf individuals will soon be able to observe talks with subtitles shown in real-time and even play back the dialogue using new smart glasses driven by artificial intelligence.

The revolutionary technology, known as Branded XRAI Glass, makes use of standard augmented reality or AR glasses that are synced to an application for cell phones that is driven by artificial intelligence. The technology has applications for nearly everyone and provides users with a cutting-edge personal assistant that can recall information that they have forgotten about themselves.

The so-called “AI assistant” makes use of deep learning capabilities in order to provide written responses to some of the most difficult inquiries possible. Large-scale learning models or LLMs are examples of the several types of available mechanisations. The software now has the potential to convert nine distinct languages into almost real-time, and further translations are scheduled to be added in the following weeks.

Mitchell Feldman, who is also the co-founder of XRAI and its chief marketing officer, remarked that the new training experience is equivalent to having something like Alexa in front of one’s eyes.

It has recently been revealed that XRAI is now compatible with the Nreal Air Augmented Reality glasses. On the other hand, they look forward to potential collaborations with major manufacturers of extended reality and augmented reality headgear. The difficulties that Dan Scarfe’s grandpa, faced when he was 97 years, had in taking part in family gatherings as a result of his hearing loss, motivated him to take action, and he is now one of the co-founders of the company.

According to Feldman, when he watched TV with subtitles, his grandpa seemed to come to life more than in any other setting. He said that since his grandfather takes pleasure in captioning, then there’s no reason why efforts cannot be made to create captions for his life. Feldman said that the process related to helping his grandfather is what inspired the idea of the product.

Whilst the assistant’s normal live captioning app is available for free download, the translation services need a membership.

One of the individuals most impressed by the XRAI Glass was Justin Osmond, who was identified as having significant hearing loss at the age of two.

Osmond was shocked by a chat with his wife while using the technology. Osmond is the son of Merrill Osmond, of the American singing group The Osmonds.

According to Osmond, it is great that the captions enable him to follow everything his spouse says. He stressed that this can be done even when he is not looking at her or looking in some other direction.

Tasha Ghouri, who was born deaf and got a cochlear implant when she was five years old, was another individual who was impressed by the possibilities of the new AR technology. After seeing their speech being translated into text in real-time during her stint on the British reality programme Love Island in 2022, Ghouri, who made history as the first deaf participant on the show, broke down in tears.

The application for smart glasses is only compatible with some Android smartphones currently. There are also plans to release a free application version for users of iPhone devices.

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