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AR experience to be introduced following a partnership between Arizona Rattlers and Imagination Park

Arizona Rattlers fans preparing to witness augmented reality experience. Augmented reality is a technology that has been reinventing sports entertainment and broadcasting, and revolutionising how audiences enjoy sports. AR is also having a big effect on even how sports is performed. The technology is transforming how viewers and sportspersons can enjoy vivid immersive experiences together. An increasing number of sports teams are acknowledging the growing need of implementing technologies such as VR, AR, and MR for enhancing branding potential.

The Arizona Rattlers recently entered into a partnership with Imagination Park, a Vancouver based technology firm. The association of these two bodies has the objective of creating an innovative and unique AR-based experience for fans of the team. While this development is revolutionary, the Rattlers are not the very first team to have worked with Imagination Park. Tucson Sugar Skulls was the first team to form such a partnership with the Canadian holography technology developers.

This latest partnership is facilitating an easy way of creating an amazing augmented reality encounter for viewers. As part of the deal, the Arizona Rattlers are set to receive the licence for the AR suite from Imagination Park. XenoHolographic™, the revolutionary development by the Canadian company, is a leading-edge platform based on cloud-powered augmented reality. A distinct benefit of using the platform is that it allows licensed clients to form and establish vivid augmented reality experiences, minus the need of hiring developers.

Alen Paul Silverstein, CEO, Imagination Park, spoke regarding the IFL team’s partnership with Imagination Park, stating excitement regarding the development which is the second IFL account for the company. Silverstein revealed that the company is looking towards partnerships with other professional sports bodies, who are keen on utilising AR for developing their users’ experiences before, during and after gaming sessions. According to him, Arizona Rattlers is one of the teams to offer a comprehensive augmented reality encounter. He expects the Rattlers fanbase to be excited regarding their chance to view the future of sports.

Arizona Rattlers will be able to witness the augmented reality (AR) experience at several locations. The Talking Stick Resort, the home stadium of the team, is one such location. Other than that, fans can find many augmented reality experience opportunities spread out through the capital city of Phoenix. The process of enjoying the experience is quite simple for fans. All they have to do is point their cellphones at designated points, to gain access to an online content pool, consisting of digital collectibles, videos, promotionals, and team-related information.

According to the President of Arizona Rattlers, the fans of the team will be able to enjoy a full-fledged augmented reality (AR) experience on their devices. He revealed that some of the content to be provided will include revolutionised game day promotions. He also acknowledged the augmented reality platform provided by Imagination Park as a suitable platform for handling and updating AR content.

The XenoHolographic™ platform will aid the Arizona Rattlers in understanding how their fans respond to marketing-type content.


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