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AR Education Classes Launched by Blue Hat for China Preschools

Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology, a creator and operator of interactive augmented reality (AR) entertainment games, educational products and toys in China, has made a recent announcement regarding the launch of ‘Smart Immersive Cognitive Education Classes’.

It is a smart offering combining technology and education. The first product education is finding use in more than 10 preschools across the Guangdong and Fujian provinces of China. Both privately-operated and state-operated preschools are participating in the program.

Blue Hat is no stranger to offering educational systems harnessing cutting-edge immersive technology. Smart Immersive Cognitive Education Classes extends Blue Hat’s stable of AR technology-based immersive educational offerings. It carries on the purpose of generating an engaging mode of teaching in Chinese preschools. The smart education products package includes ‘Smart Immersive Physical Education Classes’ and ‘Smart Screen Immersive Education Classes,’ both unveiled recently. The three components of this suite can be combined or used individually to encourage the overall development of children.

The augmented reality-based classes have a wide selection of augmented reality assignments developed for exercising the cognitive skills of children in the age range of three to six years. This is done through the projection of different activities and imagery on the top of classroom tables. The image projections performed on the tabletop are reactive to movements made by the children. Using these facilitate self-learning along with feedback such as activity scores and improvement tips. All these are projected onto the tabletops at the end of the projection.

AR will be used for educational purposes. Image source: kitaboo

Each tabletop can be utilised by up to six children simultaneously, facilitating all aspects including competition, group collaboration and individual learning. The immersive content has been created by Blue Hat’s own educational expert team. Every activity is guided by teaching professionals who have undergone training about using the product.

Xiaodong Chen, Chief Executive Officer, Blue Hat, expressed that the company’s Smart Immersive Cognitive Education Classes let preschools convert conventional classroom tabletops into interactive activity hubs. These could be used for students to exercise their minds effectively. He said that the system requires very less set-up effort. Chen elaborated further, stating that AR technology development contains promise for transforming educational content interactions of people. It combines virtual elements with reality for creating a fully immersive experience. According to Chen, their immersive system continually gains appreciation from parents, teachers and students alike. This is encouraging them to target more partnerships with Chinese preschools.

Apart from the augmented reality-based educational offerings, Blue Hat also offers a range of AR toys. The company has unveiled plans to focus on improving game content, and launching new products like a smart doll, in line with its strategy for expansion. Additionally, Blue Hat also runs several play-oriented learning centres and physical stores throughout mainland China. It also has plans to open and licence several more stores in the future. Chances of the immersive development company utilising augmented reality technology for its upcoming locations are quite high. It now boasts a line of smart education and AR toy offerings.

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