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AR Darts Maker 501 Entertainment Signs a New Global Deal with SEGA Amusements International for Distribution

Social entertainment innovation firm 501 Entertainment has made a recent announcement regarding its signing of a deal with SEGA Amusements International for global-level distribution. The latter specialises in offering solutions for next-level immersive entertainment. Following the partnership, 501 Entertainment is set to launch its social entertainment offerings in the United States and many other countries.

Based on the agreement’s terms, the AR Darts and SMARTS Interactive products from the 501 Entertainment stable, are set to be released in the United States. They will be debuted during the International Bowl Expo and catered to the world by SEGA Amusements. 501 Entertainment is set to leverage the decades-long experience and core expertise of SEGA to diversify into a vast array of locations and platforms.

SEGA Amusements International CEO Paul Williams stated that the company has been at the forefront, keeping tabs on developments within the social entertainment space. He also said that the SMARTS Interactive and AR Darts products from 501 Entertainment are innovative offerings and fit the description of what they have been looking forward to venturing into. Williams elaborated further, saying that the company hopes to introduce the AR developer’s products to some of the most famous global entertainment destinations.

According to Jonny Powell, CEO, 501 Entertainment, the new deal with SEGA Amusements International is favourable for both parties. He acknowledged the vast reach of SEGA’s entertainment subsidiary, and also mentioned the company’s track record and product variety. Powell said that he is aware to be getting into a partnership with a stalwart, and expressed how a lot of possibilities are opening up as a result.

SMARTS Darts Interactive from 501 Entertainment creates the evergreen and familiar experience of shooting darts realistically, whilst putting in some video game elements for the current user demographics. Users of it will be treated to the sight of a standard dartboard and some darts with steel tips. This product facilitates instantaneous automatic scoring and vivid graphics that look great on large TV screens.

SMARTS Darts AR relies on augmented reality technology to superimpose graphical elements on a dartboard with the aid of projection mapping technology. Some of these elements that can be projected include animated features, targets, and real-time inventory ads. This offering comes with an array of inventive modes to deliver enjoyable and novel gaming experiences that users can easily share.

The distribution declaration follows 501’s most previous product releases and marks the company’s formal introduction to the US market. It also follows an expansion of the worldwide installation base, and collaborations with notable UK partner venues such as Gravity Active Entertainment, Boom Battle Bar in the UK, Lane 7, and Australia’s Funlab.

Michael Harrison, COO of Gravity Active Entertainment, a UK-based recreation brand, stated that the SMARTS Augmented Reality Darts from 501 Entertainment nicely match the range of activities available at the company’s Wandsworth venue, including bowling.

Further insight into 501’s new offerings can be found on the official website of the company.

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