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Apple to Launch Affordable Vision Pro Headset by 2025

Apple to Launch Affordable Vision Pro Headset by 2025
Apple Has Plans for an Affordable Vision Pro by 2025

Apple is advancing both its virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) products, with a focus on developing a more cost-effective Vision Pro headset. By the end of 2025, the business hopes to produce this affordable variant, designated N107, according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. The release date of the next-generation Vision Pro 2 has been rescheduled until late 2026.

Apple is changing its approach to concentrate on a more affordable Vision Pro headset. The internal designation for this vehicle is N107, and its delivery date is set for the end of 2025. The N107’s field of vision will be less than that of the high-end Vision Pro, and it may need a Mac or iPhone to function. By using the processing power of other devices, the tethered architecture may enable Apple to lower the price of the headgear.

Apple’s overarching objective of enabling a larger audience to use AR/VR technologies is in line with the choice to give priority to a more reasonably priced headset. Apple intends to draw customers who may find the expensive Vision Pro too expensive by providing a more affordable version.

Apple is working on the Vision Pro 2, also code-named N109, even though the emphasis is on a less expensive device. It is anticipated that this next-generation headgear would have a faster CPU and better external cameras, among other notable upgrades. Additionally, efforts are being made to lighten the device and improve user comfort.

The Vision Pro 2, which was once scheduled for release in 2025, is now expected to debut no early than late 2026.

Apple’s efforts with headsets are not over. The business is stepping up its attempts to create lightweight, daily-wearable AR-only eyewear. These glasses are useful for prolonged usage since they are designed to provide augmented reality experiences without requiring VR capabilities.

Although there has been some conjecture over a potential 2027 release, sources indicate that these AR glasses may not be prepared for the market for a number of more years. Apple’s methodical approach guarantees a flawless augmented reality experience when the glasses are finally released.

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