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Apple Showcases New RealityKit 2 APIs Letting Developers Create More Intricate Augmented Reality Experiences

Apple has recently displayed a range of new tools and technology offerings to aid developers in the creation of enhanced applications to deliver increasingly engaging experiences. These tools will help them create applications faster, and offer greater value to users. Some of these features include App Store enhancements, a revamped version of Xcode Cloud, and Swift programming language improvements. The company has also come out with a new set of game development tools and APIs for the iPadOS, iOS and macOS. RealityKit 2, the animation, rendering, physics and audio engine designed in augmented reality, has got new APIs.

The ARKit augmented reality framework from Apple is responsible for running more than a billion augmented reality-enabled devices around the world. It can be used by developers to come up with innovative augmented reality experiences with RealityKit. The latest announcement by Apple was about a new API called Object Capture, available on macOS Monterey. Developers can rely on it to generate photorealistic three-dimensional real-world object models incredibly fast. This is achievable by clicking images with their iPad, DSLR and iPhone devices and using the tool for instant conversion into AR-optimized 3D models.

Users can view the 3D AR models through AR Quick Look or include them in Xcode or Reality Composer. According to Apple, this feature facilitates easy augmented reality application development. Apple has remarked that developers are now utilising the Object Capture feature for unlocking new methods of three-dimensional content creation. The feature works with some of the most popular 3D applications like Unity MARS and Cinema4D.

According to Apple, the newly released APIs of RealityKit 2 can be just what developers need to create more realistic and sophisticated augmented reality experiences. These will offer better audiovisual and animation controls that encompass dynamic shaders and render passes.

Susan Prescott, Vice President of Worldwide Developer Relations, Apple, spoke about the new developments. She stated that the new set of offerings can help developers achieve better 3D content creation results. According to her, macOS Monterey users will now be able to easily access the most challenging aspect of 3D and augmented reality content creation.

Apart from the new announcements about the augmented reality APIs, Apple’s Xcode Cloud also accumulates several tools and tasks needed for the creation, testing and delivery of applications through cloud services. The App Store has Custom Product Pages and In-App Events which create new methods to help developers perform effective app promotion and user outreach. The widely relied upon Swift language has also received support for concurrency with the new update.

According to Prescott, the company is excited to help out its community of developers with new technology and tools to help them create better and more engaging applications, whilst also raising engagement via the Apple App Store.

She elaborated further, saying that the new Xcode Cloud toolkit, coupled with the development of Swift and brand new APIs are all factors that can lead to Apple reaching more customers.

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