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Apple Set to Release its Augmented Reality Glasses by Q2 2020

Apple Inc. is planning on a release of its augmented reality (AR) glasses by next year’s second quarter. Production activities for the new glasses are set to start soon.

Latest reports are suggesting that Apple is on its way to launching its augmented reality glasses in the market by the second quarter of the coming year. According to some sources, a research note originating from TF International Securities was revealed by Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned Apple research analyst.

The note revealed Kuo’s observations regarding Apple’s collaborative efforts with several other companies to finish the AR glasses development in time. According to Kuo, plans to start production of the new AR devices have already been finalised. Demonstrations of the device are set to start before the current year ends, adhering to next year’s expected second-quarter launch.

An Apple Glasses mockup

Kuo is widely considered as a highly-reliable source regarding Apple-related news. He had suggested that the technology company was exploring the possibilities of AR device manufacturing with a probable launch during the middle of 2020. The new research note released by Kuo indicates that the expected launch time has changed to next year’s second quarter.

Kuo also indicated the augmented reality (AR) glasses can be initially offered as an add-on for Apple’s iPhone range of devices. He drew similarities of this strategy with the launch of the first iWatch version. Kuo further revealed that the new AR glasses by Apple will function on an rOS or reality operating system which is based on the widely-popular iOS platform.

In the research note, Kuo divulged that a company named Changying Precision is likely to supply chassis parts for the AR glasses.

The augmented reality glasses from Apple are being considered as the first head-mounted AR devices to be launched during 2020. But, Apple does have competition from the likes of social media giant Facebook, who is currently in the process of developing technology for new AR devices. Facebook has entered into a partnership with formed Google Glass contributor Luxottica for the creation of user-friendly AR glasses by 2023. The social media company is also working on a separate AR project named Orion, to create solutions that could be potential replacements for the cellphone.

Apple, however, is still leading from the front when it comes to the domain of augmented reality device development. The company has plans to create a trendy and sleek pair of AR glasses capable of handling substantial processing load and additional tasks on being connected to iPhone devices. The optical processing functionalities of the glasses will be included within its frames.

Apple’s latest stride in the direction of AR devices signifies that user-centric technologies in the coming decade will somehow be connected to augmented reality technology. It is a strong indicator of the fact that the evolution of technology is inevitable, with the next big innovation always waiting to gain prominence.

Apple and its peers are bringing augmented reality to the limelight with their efforts.




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