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AI and AR for Meaningful Brand Connections

Spiro Explores AI and AR for Compassion and Interaction with IBM and Chobani

At SXSW on March 9, Spiro, a top global brand experience firm, spoke on how modern brand marketers can strategically use AI and AR for memorable experiential marketing at the Brand Innovator’s Leadership in Brand Marketing Summit.

IBM’s Programme Director, Event Experience & Executive Programmes led the first session, which was facilitated by Carley Faircloth, Global CMO at Spiro. The topic of discussion was how companies can use AI to build genuine emotional relationships with consumers. The vice president of creative production at Chobani, Dane Aloe, conducted a second session on how companies can use generative AI and augmented reality to increase customer engagement.

Faircloth said that AI can provide advertisements that elicit true emotions in the appropriate situation.

However, achieving results requires putting strategy into action and finding an equilibrium between technologies and interpersonal communication. A good example of how AI with this type of cognition may even evoke empathy from the audience is IBM’s WatsonX at NRF engagement.

The talks focused on how brand marketers may utilise these tools to modify their activations in ways that fit their brand goals and the behaviours of their target audiences. They anchored trending technology in practical applications. In one instance, Chobani had an 8.3-point increase in buy intent and dwell duration that was twice as long as the industry average benchmark.

It is endearing to see examples and results of brand marketing efforts using AI and AR in actual time, both artistically and practically, according to Aloe. It can take precedence over the experience design method, these and next innovations are intended to provide savings to boost participation. These also allow individuals to get maximum value out of your practical spending. Ultimately, every brand activation is a chance to develop vital client connections that have a direct impact on the bottom line.

The purpose of Brand Innovators’ summits is to connect marketing experts in the industry by providing a platform for businesses to interact with and learn from over 200 of the greatest agency and brand side marketers in the business. Spiro’s participation in the summits demonstrates its dedication to transforming the industry and its emphasis on assisting businesses in developing vital connections with their target audiences in order to gain top priority in their hearts and minds.

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