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A multiplayer WebAR game by Geenee AR lets you play as your favourite NFT character

A multiplayer augmented reality (AR)  game titled NFT All Stars has officially launched, according to Geenee AR, a company that develops augmented reality (AR) technology solutions, and has a Web3 Creator WebAR publishing platform. According to the company, the game has been built for the metaverse.

Any device that can access a web browser can play the game, which also includes characters from top NFT projects like Doodles, Nomad Blvd, CloneX, Nouns, Non-Fungible People, The Sandbox, Ready Player Me Punks, Head5, SupDucks, and MeSkulls. Additional characters and levels will be released in the near future.

Furthermore, project-wise inclusion of Metamask sign-in enables NFT holders to participate in games as the particular avatar they currently have in their wallet.


Real-time competition between players involves moving about to gather the highest number of AR stars in order to take the top rank on the overall scoreboard for the game. The game has been built using the Geenee WebAR Builder. According to the developer’s claims players who intend to introduce new 3D avatars, rely on the very same mechanics, or create a unique AR game may use the overall experience as a blueprint.

The game has a number of powerful features, and these can be accessed on all desktop and mobile devices. It lets a large number of players can participate at once due to the synced gameplay features. Users can play public or private room games with their friends, or even seek out games against other players online.

Within a 45-second round, players strive to acquire as many stars as possible. They are also able to change their avatars, control volume levels, alter the scene, use certain commands, and also share the game publicly. In addition, they will also have the ability to give their feedback, and also bring in 3D NFT virtual avatars by relying on Metamask.

Elena de Sosa, VP of Partner Development at Geenee AR, commented on the game’s debut, saying that any roadmap for the metaverse must include the inevitable next step of converting 2D PFPs into interactive, real-time 3D. Project owners are interested in functionality and would like the tales of their avatars to be developed. Geenee is eager to contribute in a relevant and imaginative way to tell their tales.

Andy Thoe, Co-Founder of Nomad Blvd., added that the Nomad Blvd community envisions a hybrid world where the physical and digital aspects coexist, and AR is the glue required for combining the two. He added that Geenee is a preferred collaborator that will help his company shift from 2D art to thought-provoking 3D form factors.


Holder of the asset CloneX #16127, JaySerpens, stated that It’s really wonderful to watch Geenee AR release NFT All Stars and to see his CloneX come to life. According to him, when elements such as digital assets ownership, narrative, and uniqueness are combined with the capabilities of AR, the possibilities are just beginning to be explored. He described Geenee’s innovative web-based AR game as a fantastic offering.

The NFT All Stars game can be accessed by players around the world, and more updates are expected in the future.

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