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3D Customer Experience and Omnichannel AR Feature Launched by

3D models and mixed reality come together with the company extending its 3D customer tools to mobile and desktop platforms has launched the very first augmented reality (AR) and omnichannel 3D experience for e-commerce recently. It is a move that sees the expansion of its 3D models from its renowned mobile applications to the mobile web. With this development, the brand will be able to reach 100 percent of its user base on mobile. The desktop site of Overstock will get the industry-leading augmented reality feature in the near future.


Overstock has been an active investor in the arenas of 3D and augmented reality experiences. The new development from the company is an undertaking made possible via a partnership with augmented reality industry leader Seek. Now, Overstock users who are utilising the brand’s mobile application or browsing on the Internet, will be able to view life-sized renders of numerous products across categories including décor, home goods and furniture. They will be able to access the rendered versions across platforms and use augmented reality to view the products in their chosen locations.

Sumit Goyal, Chief Digital Officer,, expressed that innovation and technology are key priorities for the company. He further elaborated, saying that part of the motivation behind the development was the fact that more than half of Overstock’s customers shopped on the mobile platform. According to Goyal, the brand is always on the lookout for opportunities to improve the experience of its customers. He acknowledged the efforts of his employees and contributions of associates like Seek. Those contributions over numerous hours have resulted in the introduction of the technology within the Overstock platform. It ultimately led to the company achieving the launch of the largest e-commerce AR experience in the world.

The augmented reality feature accessible from iOS its mobile application was first launched during the September of 2017. During the early phase of 2018, Android users gained access to these AR features. Overstock has been the recipient of seven successive Mobile Web Awards for its continuing technological advances and recent AR developments. The brand won the 2018 Appy awards for its innovative retail applications. The latest integration enables the mobile sites of Overstock to harness the technology already used by its apps.

Overstock customers will now be able to utilise the three-dimensional features and cutting-edge features effortlessly. Shopping online will become a far better experience and the confidence of shoppers will rise, with the availability of the rendered 3D products. The dimensions of each rendering is accurate to the real-life version of the product. Viewing these renderings gives potential customers a clear idea regarding how something will look in their space.
The Overstock and Seek partnership is being considered as a massive step in the domain of augmented reality, according to Seek CEO and founder, Jon Cheney. He believes that Overstock’s integration of cutting-edge AR will inspire other prominent retailers in the near future.

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